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Chinta Chaina Kehi by Pashupati sharma nepali lok geet 2013 mp3

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  1. Dai ko rachana lai mannai parxa……… Great song dai………

  2. sarma ji dami cx, babal jakas, bindas. yeta uta. k k uf uf nice

  3. Thank you

  4. Bastabama Nepali Paristeti mathi ramro sandes deni khalko
    chha Pashupati dai tapailai safalatako subhakamana yasle bajar ko mahol srijana garna sakos !!!

  5. Thank you pasupati sharma ji& uploder ji

  6. Thnks very very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee songssssssssssssss

  7. Hello Pashupati ji tapahi ko geet sabai dherai ramra chhan I really like it all the best.

  8. Such a nice line with great singer

  9. pasupati sharama

  10. hi,sharma i like your every song.this song is nice too.but quality is getting less now a days.campus padna aaune, balla po pir…, yeti bani sudhara….etc. song were the best………..

  11. i like so much this song.thank u bro keep it up.

  12. Really great song

  13. Best of luck.

  14. so so so so nice songs

  15. Its Amezing song and We must learn something from this song.great Pashupati sharma ji.I wish to listen more songs from you which can teach the lesson to all of us.

  16. This song is more valuable and it is most related for youth group and who have not any economic sources it can give us education.. and thank you brother it me mohan Raj Aryal from syangja putali bazar-13, you have absuletly right and you are success in word…thank you get more success…

  17. nice song

  18. Very good sog sandes mulak

  19. दामी…………….. अझ बढी यशतै गित आवश्यक छ "शुभकामना"

  20. Really awesome song. i heard it more than couple of time.

    Thank you ..

  21. pashupati dai le ramrai geet nikalnubacha

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